Sype Meeting

On the 17th May, five Silverton grade six student leader representatives had a skype conference with six students leaders from our sister school in China, Yan Cheng Number One Primary School. In term one, our school captains sent greeting letters to the principals in China and introduced themselves and described their ideas of taking action of conserving our local animals. The Silverton leaders chose to support the penguins from Phillip Island. They researched a 98 year old grandma who was on the news. She has spent 18 years knitting thousands of cloths for the baby penguins. They need these cloths due to oil leaking from boats which can harm the growth of their fur, so that the penguins may die from the cold weather. They are planning to have a penguin education week in winter and hope all the Silverton students will get to know how to take action for the penguins in Phillip Island by the end of this year.

During the Skype conferences, the student leaders in China also asked questions about Australian Football and Australian foods. One of the student leaders, Dean, demonstrated how to kick the AFL ball and we are planning to make a video on AFL to show them how it works for the next conference.