Bullying NO WAY!

On Friday March 15th the whole school participated in the National Day against bullying.  The activities that were designed for the students were created by our #SSS Captains. The Prep- 2 students completed an activity based on friendship and how we are all different but ultimately we are all the same. The 3-6 students created a respect wall where all the students painted their hand print onto the wall to show unity, respect for each other and caring. The students also created a hopscotch game using their own words to describe a respectful Silverton Student. Throughout the day the teachers and students explored what a bully was, how to respond to a bully and who to talk to if you feel you are being bullied. 

 Some quotes from our #SSS leaders about their experiences of the day.

“It was a day to show that bullying should be stopped. All people deserve to be cared for”

“We learnt how to be a role model, how to be strong, and talk about how you are feeling”  


Silverton Primary school students participate in our #SSS program and our Valuable Learning Habits program that emphasise positive relationships, communication, respect, how to be a caring and open minded  student throughout the entire year.