Science and Sustainability

New Native Bee Species Found

We have spotted a new native bee species at school hovering around our basil flowers.

We now have the Chequered Cuckoo Bee in our vegetable garden in addition to our Blue Banded Bee.

What’s growing at Silverton?

We are currently growing basil, eggplants, chillies and pumpkins in the garden.


Marine Ambassador Rickett’s Point Excursion

On Friday 22nd of March ten Marine Ambassador Student’s from Silverton went to Rickett’s Point Beach at Beaumaris to learn about our amazing marine environment in Port Phillip Bay.

Students went snorkelling, rock pool rambling and looked for aquatic macro invertebrates in the sea grasses.

 The weather was perfect and we had a fantastic time.

Pond Renovation Reality Group.

 This term students from the Pond Reality group with assistance from the Vegie Garden Paving Reality Group have been renovating our pond area at school.

 This area will house our water dragons that are currently living in a small enclosure.

Students and teachers have been hard at work, removing all of the rocks, soil and dead plants from the dried up pond before removing the huge black plastic liner.

We have bought two prefabricated ponds and are now in the process of placing the ponds into the area, backfilling the soil and re arranging the rocks.


 Next term we will buy new plants and install Perspex screening over the pool fence to prevent the lizards from escaping. The old enclosure will be placed within the larger enclosure for the lizards to retreat to when the weather becomes cooler.

 We are looking for laserlite or poly carbonate to put around the perimeter pool fence to stop the lizards escaping through the bars. If anyone has any contacts in the trade of these materials please get in touch with Mr O’ Connor or Mrs. Blake.


Tangaroa Blue Project

Students taking part in the Marine Ambassador Program have been invited by the City of Greater Dandenong to take part in a Tangaroa Blue School’s Project. The attended a workshop at Athol Rd primary School on Monday 1st of April. They learnt about the impact of marine debris and plastic pollution on our wildlife and environment. It also provided an opportunity for our students to work with students from other local schools to develop a message through an art piece that will help educate the community on how they can contribute to a healthier environment. The art piece will be displayed at the Greater Dandenong Sustainability Festival helping to promote the message of reducing reusing and recycling plastic waste.

The festival is being held at Dandenong Market on Sunday 7th of April.

 See details below