Grade 6 Camp

Grade Six Camp


Grade Six Camp took place on 25 Feb - 1st March for five days of fun. All of the grade sixes had fun with the places we went to and the activities we did. Some of the places we visited were the Deborah Gold Mine and the Discovery Science and Technology Centre in Bendigo. We stayed at Camp Kookaburra and they have a wide range of facilities located near the camp. Some of the activities included; abseiling, archery, canoeing, flying fox, swimming, orienteering and many more. There is a great environment because there was a lot of nature and breathtaking scenery, and a pool conveniently located near the middle of the camp. It was 3 hours drive, but it was definitely worth it.


By: Megan S 56L

During Grade 6 Camp, the students did a variety of things. They did many activities and did things during their free time. Everyone enjoyed their stay there and liked having the amazing experience.

On the day they arrived, they got their luggage and settled into their cabins. After that, they got into their activity groups and did their activities. They were separated into 6 different groups with either their friends, people they don’t work with or someone new.  There are six different types of activities such as; archery, abseiling, canoeing, flying fox, initiatives and indoor climbing.

On the last day, every student got to do the two favourite activities they liked to do within the four days of camp. Everyone enjoyed it and had a fun time doing those activities.

During one of the nights of camp, we had a “Minute to win it” game night. This game is about trying to finish challenges within a minute and if you complete it, you get a point.  If you finished the challenge first you would get 3 points. If you got second, you get 2 points and if you came third, you get 1 point. This was one of those fun nights, where students get to know each other and get to hang out with their friends.

On Wednesday, students went to Bendigo to go on two excursions. One trip was to a science museum and the other was a trip to a gold mine. At the science museum, the students saw different types of machines and got to learn about the solar system.  Every child got to go on a giant slide and got to know how different machines work in the lab.

At the gold mine, students got to learn about the pre gold rush and ways mining used to work and the different machines that were invented during the time. We learnt about the different drills, explosions and different types of ways they survived in the mine. We also learnt about what they ate and where.

During Thursday, the students had an amazing race. That was when students went around the camp place to find different clues and different challenges. Some involved food, Sadako and even finding a rock. At the end of the race, you had to put all 17 cards together in order to show that you finished and had to build a human pyramid.

On the last day, students were sad to leave the campsite because they enjoyed their time there very much. Overall, everyone enjoyed their time at Grade 6 Camp.

By: Nerissa In 56L

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