Creative Learning

A BIG thank you to those who participated on Bird Day! We had some brilliant conversations about how we can provide better habitat for Australian animals in our own back yards. We used the money raised to purchase the indigenous plants that you can now see in our new Garden created by the Grade 5/6 group working with Vicky. Please come and enjoy our wonderful work!  As Dimitris said, ‘Just look at this place! We have made it come alive!’


Shivom has made posters informing people about the hazards posed by rubbish, and we are in the midst of creating some informative signs, so keep your eyes open and be ready to learn!


The children have been working together so well, and have learnt so much - from the immense values of indigenous plants, how to plant and care for them, their scientific names and more, to the selection and safe use of various tools. They have shown great determination and communication as they work together, solve problems they have never encountered before, and share in conversations with other children as they spread the word, knowledge and care. We all really appreciate the respect shown for the garden, as it is already starting to attract more creatures! The plants have been tended to by many children, not just the Gr5/6 group. Keep a look out for informative tours that will be offered.


We are very grateful to those parents who have expressed their enthusiasm and support! Thank you to Sam for offering to deliver those rocks. They will make a great addition to what is already there. The photos show some of our work to date: from day 1, when the soil was dry and compacted, through the digging, planting, spreading mulch, adding rocks….. FANTASTIC.


Also, a HUGE thank you to the team at McLeod trees in Mordialloc who responded so warmly to the letter the children wrote. They happily donated and delivered a truckload of mulch and some logs! These will help keep the soil supported and hydrated. We need to make sure the plants don’t dry out, especially at this stage when they are trying to establish themselves, so the mulch is a great help. So many wheelbarrow loads! Thanks again, McLeod Trees!

Here is a collection of drawings by 17 students. These Grade 3 / 4 students participated in an activity with the Grade 5/6 group as they prepared for Bird Day. They all sat together in front of the garden which was, at the time, just bare earth, and listened to the Grade 5/6s explain why they wanted to create the garden... and then drew with a whole lot of care and attention.

And finally, to every student at Silverton, you have been such great guardians of the garden. We are so happy to see the care you show by helping to water the plants, having conversations, and keeping off the area. This is so important because the plants are hard to see and walking around them compacts the soil which makes it too hard for the rain to soak in. 


And here is something from Peter, who volunteered his time this week. We are grateful for his presence, and for his efforts in moving those heavy rocks. 


I had a lovely day on Monday at Silverton. Vicky S asked if I would like to volunteer for the day and help her group work on their garden creation project. She had told me about the way the project was conceived and developed by the students involved. I was curious to see how the children would engage with something which was very much their own. In my professional role as a Social Worker I have worked with children for most of my long career. I was very impressed! The the children I worked alongside were committed to what they were doing, took their work seriously, and needed very little guidance or encouragement. It was a hot day, and they worked hard. They solved problems by experimenting, using what they had available, discussing things amongst themselves, and with persistence. They were good humoured, curious, proud of their efforts, and polite. Vicky's approach and methods are imaginative, thoughtful and effective, the children are learning and creating something precious, and the school is allowing all this to blossom.  My heartfelt congratulations to all involved!


Warmest regards,

Peter Yates