Bird Day


The Grade 5/6 Creative Learning group working with Vicky have decided to create a habitat for birds, reptiles, insects.

All funds raised will go to revegetating the bank area at school.
We have researched and prepared a list of indigenous plants we want to buy, including Themeda triandra [Kangaroo Grass], Dianella tasmanica [Tasman Flax lily], Helichrysum scorpioides [Button Everlasting], Brunonia australis [Blue Pincushion], Acacia Paradoxa [Hedge Wattle], Epacris Impressa [Common Heath], Pultenaea Gunnii [Golden Bush Pea].


Here is what Joyce says:

As humans we have done many things wrong. We have made a mess, to our home, the earth. We will leave our beloved home soon. But you can stop it, you be the change of a new start. You will raise awareness and encourage others to raise beauty, love and hope. Stop fighting your home. Have you ever thought about the innocent animals that you harm all day? You should be sorry and disappointed on the impact you have made. But if we make a change, work as a team, we will make the world, your home, a better place and share not only your home but many other living animals’ home. If we raise our hands together, we can achieve MORE. Together we are a TEAM and we should work as a team… FOREVER!



We say a big THANK YOU to Stelios and his mum for making a Gouldian Finch



Why I think the bird project helps the school  …   by River

This bird project helps the school because it helps you learn more about birds. To make it even better, there is going to be an event about the birds where you can dress like a bird or in the colours of a bird. Also, there will be sessions at lunch with bird activities and you can choose to go if you want.

The reason we are doing this is because we want to raise money and get enough materials to help the birds and also buy plants. Thy will provide shelter, their roots will spread and hold the soil, and the flowers will provide nectar for the bees and the birds to feed.