The 2018 Victorian Games and App Exhibition

The Victorian Games and App Exhibition was held at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) on the 26th of October. 8 of our students from Silverton had the chance to attend the exhibition where they showcased their game alongside 17 other schools to each other and the public.

The Victorian Games and App Challenge consisted of a three-month project where students worked collaboratively to create a game or app that would raise awareness about real-world issues. Jordan Rajapaksha and Ruben Gerrits were the creators behind our submission to the Games and App Challenge.

These two boys created a game called ‘Marine Escape’ where they wished to raise awareness about animal abuse. You play as a fish character who is stuck inside a gigantic fish tank and must try and code your way out with your robot companion.

Jordan and Ruben spent 3 months creating their world, coding their game and writing up a design brief for their game so that it would be ready to be displayed at the exhibition. Upon arrival at ACMI, the boys and 6 other students - who also attempted the challenge - worked together to create a tri-fold display and set up their game for the public and other schools to browse and try.

Our students had a memorable day filled with fun and excitement. They were given the chance to try out games from other schools and the opportunity to attend Screen Worlds and the Games Lab inside ACMI. We look forward to seeing what our students will create for next years Victorian Games and App Challenge.