Silverton's Chess Festival 20th Sep

On the 20th of September, 40 students participated in a Chess Festival where they played a mock tournament against each other. Students of different year levels tested their skills against a variety of opponents from Silverton Primary. Two tournaments were played side-by-side with a mixture of abilities.

Students received 1 point for a win, half a point for a draw and zero points for a loss. They each played 7 games of chess. The results of the top 10 from each tournament are as followed:

Tournament A
Do Hoang - 7 points
Aydin Jasika - 5 points
Oscar Flack - 4 and a half points
Cayden Chhit - 4 and a half points
Lucien Chung - 4 and a hald points
Samantha Hunter - 4 points
Bunseam Kheang - 4 points
Courtney Bux - 4 points
Alex Nah - 4 points
Kenley Nguyen - 4 points

Tournament B
Justin Chung - 6 points
Ethan Sissing - 5 points
Joshua Francis - 5 points
Finn Wellman - 5 points
Ruben Gerrits - 4 and a half points
Amelie Flack - 4 and a half points
Alex Hunter - 3 and a half points
James Nah - 3 and a half points
Lucas Rickard - 3 and a half points
Rhyder Boustead - 3 points

The top 3 students from both tournaments recieved a medal in recognition of their brilliant effort during the tournament. Two lovely girls named Joyce Meng and Courtney Bux also received medals for their attempts at solving a tricky chess puzzle that day.

Please take some time to browse through the photos from the day.