Writing Extension - Book in a Day

The Birthday Disaster

The Australian Moving Restaurant (AMR) is celebrating their 2nd birthday with the train crew! To celebrate, they are having a ride around Australia! Sandra is a famous photographer and is best friends with train driver Finn. Join the Australian Moving Restaurant to find souvenirs from all the famous landmarks in each state as a birthday present to put on display. Sandra stopped at each landmark to collect souvenirs but as they go around to each landmark, corruption arises and a catastrophe erupts in the small carriage… 

Zaynab: Writing a Book in a Day was an awesome experience. Students got to experience what it was like to be an author and how fast you have to work to illustrate, write and edit plus publish in a group. I hope students next year will be able to participate in it because it really was amazing.

Bunseam: Book in a Day was a fun yet stressful experience. A word of advice for those who want to do this. CHOOSE A RELIABLE EDITOR!!!!!! But, honestly, everyone did their share. 

Nancy: Book in a day was one of the most fun, stressful and challenging experiences I have ever done. I really enjoyed spending my time writing and improving my abilities on writing as well as experiencing a day focused only on writing. I was also illustrating but overall this was a fun challenge. The group I was in was very energetic and fun. I hope I can enjoy this experience again.  

Candice: Book in a Day was a once in a lifetime experience. I believe that it was a great experience for high school and recommend this program to anybody in writing extension.

Louisa: My Book in a Day experience was one that I have never had before. It was a day full of writing, arguing, frenzy and illustrating.

Zanita: Book in a Day was a great experience to be a part of and during this experience I personally feel like everyone in "The Arky Writers" group became closer friends. Our book was made for the Kids Cancer Project, so that when kids are undergoing treatment and are in the hospital, they can read our book. 

Kate: My experience from book in a day was that it was very fun and an amazing time to write with "The Arky writers". My favorite part was illustrating pictures for the book and helping.  

Descending from Hopes


A unique magician, Tony Pepperoni, performs an intriguing show. Then, while zapping his wand...  BAM! He turned into a baby! Then Margaret, an astonishingly strong politician, had to babysit him! When Margaret wasn’t looking, a cheeky Kookaburra called Squawk, snatched the baby and took him to Uluru, Margaret has to follow and track down where Squawk is hiding the baby.  

On Tuesday, the 18th of August we took part in a ten hour event called book in a day! There were two groups that partook in book in a day, the group that published the book named Descending From Hopes were called Team Marshmallow. Team Marshmallow had seven group members in it, (Samantha, Joyce, Claire, Megan, Natharie, Amaal and Tayla). The characters of Descending From Hopes were very down-to-earth and bizarre in their own peculiar ways. "He believed in Margaret's character and helped her accomplish more of her pleads and tasks of making her brother proud!" (Chapter 10). The whole experience was very tiring and slightly emotional, but all and all it was very rewarding in the end since the book goes to kids that are fighting cancer. We're very hopeful that the kids at the Kids' Cancer Project will have their day brightened up because of our book.