Activity Clubs

Term 4 2018 Recess and Lunch time Activities/Clubs

RECESS CLUBS 11.00-11.30


Chess Club: Library 


LUNCH CLUBS 1.45-2.15


Computer Club: LC1 – Mrs Birkbeck

Sport in Gym: - Mr Peterson

Singing Club: Mrs Vacarro

Disco, Dance & Drawing in Library: Mrs Donnellan



Computer Club: LC1 – Mrs Parra

Drawing/Mindfulness Club: LC3 - Mrs Jacob

Knitting Club: Music Room - Mrs Maryanovsky & Helen

Game/App Challenge: Media Centre - Mr Tang & Miss Fraser

Sport in Gym: Mrs Howard



Computer Club: LC1 – Miss Kovac

Environment Club: Mrs Blake

Racquet Sports in Gym: Mr Blundell & Mr Tang

Robotics Club: Media Centre - Mr Ong



Computer Club: LC1 – Miss Tyme

Chess Club: Library - Miron

Sports in Gym: Mr Blundell

Environment Club: Mrs Blake

Netball Club: Basketball Court – Miss Latham

Chinese Fan Dancing: Music Room - Miss Cheng

Robotics Club: Media Centre - Mr Peterson



Computer Club: LC1 – Mrs Fletcher

Disco Club on the Green (Set up only): Miss Degering

Orienteering – Miss Thompson