Coin for a Cause Day Reflections

Our Gr 5/6 students have been learning about local/national issues & the charities that support these issues. On Monday 27th Nov LC4 students had an expo to show their hard work and try to persuade students to support their charities.

Coin for a Cause Day Reflections

Coin for a cause day was very fun! I think the best part about it was the decorating and raising the money. It was a lot of work to get all the decorations and work done, but I think my group and I did very well. The people I was working with were Zahra in grade 6, Juliette in grade 5 and myself! My group decorated our stall with paper chains, paper flowers, banners and origami. We made our token box look like a MONSTER! You would put your token in the little mouth, and it would gobble it up!

Our topic was health and wellbeing and the charity that we were supporting was the Australian Red Cross. The Australian Red Cross helps provide homeless with food, water and shelter. The Australian Red Cross also helps find kids long lost families.

My group successfully raised $24 in total. With all the money counted, we officially raised $432 altogether. There were about 50 stalls in the GYM and all the students got to raise money for a cause of their choice

Coin for a Cause Day

By: Kim Nguyen 5/6I | 28/11/2023

Coin For a Cause Day is when people in one learning centre all work on a big project to raise money for their charity of choice. Each person will form a group of 3-4 and work together to design a stall for the day of the event.

Me and my group had come up with a name called “Dream Donation” and we decided to donate to a charity called “Save the Children” and we managed to raise 33 tokens which was later converted into $33.  We had a theme that was very pink and decorative. This was our technique of attracting lots of donors to our stall. We also decorated with some fake flowers and roses. We decided that we would give each donor a paper tulip, a business card, and a pixel art. We ended up running out of roses and had to make some at the stall during the event. Before the day came, we had made 27 tulips and we had 33 donors which made us short by 6. At the end of the day, we had ended up in 6th place out of 49 stalls ending up in the top 10. At the end of the day, everyone had managed to raise $432 altogether. We will be donating to the charities that people in the top 10 have chose and split the money evenly in order to do so.


Coin for a Cause Reflection

We thought coin for a cause was amazing because we got the chance to save some animal lives which made us feel amazing. Also doing coin for a cause was amazing because as the teachers said not all schools do this and we are incredibly lucky to get the chance to do this. In the end we raised 27$ for RSPCA! Kye enjoyed making a blue monster box that really appealed to the younger children because by donating they were feeding him the tokens. Eric really enjoyed making the news report and setting up the table and Emir really enjoyed making the logo and poster. jayden enjoyed making the PET-TACULAR sign.                                 By Eric, Kye, Emir and Jayden


Reflection for coin for a cause


Hello, our names are Kahlia, Eryn, and Jazlyn. We have completed the coin for a cause exhibition. The total fund raised was $432. We raised this money to help the Great Garbage Patch and the animals suffering in it. The coin for a cause exhibition was very successful and was colourful also fun.


Integrated Reflection

Everyone was in different groups from what they chose in semester 1, they could have chosen environment, poverty, sustainability, and a safe and fair world. In semester 2 after you finished integrated in your class you would go in a learning centre and split up in the different topics everyone did, you would go into a group of 3 max and finish the booklet you were giving in your group. After you finished the booklet, you would have to create a podcast, news report or a tv ad and that’s what you would be using on the day of coin for a cause. You would create decorations like a bunting, signs, a donate box and you could create a fun fact box. On the day of coin for a cause in the morning you had to set up the tables and chairs in the gym, after that you would set up your stall inside the gym but before you could we did a spin the wheel to choose the tables we got in order and if you got chosen first you could choose any of the tables that were free at the time you were chosen. During the 2 hours the learning centres came in one by one, LC3 then LC1 and then LC2. Everyone received one token which with that token they can donate to you and to get more tokens it costs $1. At the end of the 2 hours, we had to pack up everything. The money goes to the charity you had chosen for your group but if you only got around 2 or 15 tokens, the money would go to the top 10 groups that have gained the most tokens but when sending your tokens to the other groups, the group it’s going to has to be related to your charity.