Resource Smart

We are a Resource Smart School and this year have made good process reducing out energy use.

“Resource Smart Schools is a free program offered by Sustainability Victoria that supports Victorian schools to embed sustainability across the school facilities, community, and curriculum, while saving resources and money for the school. Silverton Primary have been part of Sustainability Victoria’s Resource Smart program for many years. We are currently renewing our Core and Energy modules with the school making great sustainability gains over the years”



Electricity Update

This year we have made good progress reducing our energy use.

Students have been given access to our electricity data and have used the data to create graphs and devised several ways to reduce our electricity and gas usage at school which includes keeping doors closed when using the heating and cooling. Keeping thermostat settings within the recommended range. Turning off televisions at the end of each sessions. Keeping doors open on mild days instead of using cooling systems. Opening blinds to make the use of natural lighting.

Last year we took advantage of government program and had all our school lights changed to LED’s. We replaced our gas heaters in the BER with more energy efficient split systems. We have applied for grants to replace all the other old split systems in the learning centres with more energy efficient models.

Students from a Five and Six and our Marine Ambassadors have also carried out an energy audit as part of our Energy Module renewal process. We have developed an Energy Action plan which included looking into the possibility of getting solar panels for our school and eventually replacing windows with double glazed ones to reduce heat loss, gain during the Winter, and summer months.